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F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is Life Tribute?

Life Tribute is an online memorial website where people can celebrate the lives of friends and family who have passed away.

Read more on the About page.

2. How do I leave my condolences?

You can leave a condolence message on any Tribute by clicking 'Leave a Message', entering your message, and then clicking on 'Save' to finish. Please note that the tribute custodian must have enabled condolences for their tribute first.

3. Can I contribute to a Tribute?

If you have some information that would be beneficial to a Tribute then you can fill out the 'Contribute to this Tribute' form and click 'Send' to notify the creator of that tribute.

4. What are Funeral Services?

Funeral Services is an area of Life Tribute that provides information about businesses and services for the benefit of those who have lost a loved one.

5. Do you have a sitemap?

Yes. It can be viewed by clicking here.

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