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Born January 01, 1932
Died February 02, 2008


Born January 1, 1932 in Albury, John grew up and lived most of his working life around Albury.

From an early age his mother said he had a passion for building, always out in the yard digging or making something. John went on to establish and operate a successful building company in Albury, which his sons later took over and continue to operate today.

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John Smith

John was fantastic person. He was a positive person and aimed to inspire others. He was well known for his giving to the community through being a volunteer fire fighter.

John was born into a family of 6 and the country town of Albury. He was the oldest of the children and assisted his father raising them following his mothers death when he was 12 years old.

John met Jane at the local football club where he played football. John was a dominant player in his time and captained his team to 2 premierships in 1960 & 1963. John and Jane married each other in 1955 and two years later had their first of 3 children. John raised 3 terrific children with the two boys following in Johns footsteps taking over the families building business.

John is the proud grandfather to 7 grandchildren. In his later years he loved spending time with his grandchildren, taking them fishing and to the weekend football.


01 January, 1932: Born

Born in Albury, New South Wales

20 February, 1948: Started working

Worked as an apprentice builder at age 16.

05 May, 1955: Gets Married to Jane

John marries Jane Brown at St Matthews, Albury

28 August, 1957: First Born Child

John's first born child John Jnr was born.

04 April, 1965: Started J.S. Building Co

Started up J.S. Building Company initially employing 10 people.

25 September, 1997: Retired

After many successful years in business, and with great hesitation, John retired and moved his focus to fishing.