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Born February 25, 1956
Died June 05, 2008


Arthur was a loving husband and father who was taken from us. He will be sadly missed.

Arthur was a successful engineer, running his own local business. He was a keen supporter of local community groups.

Arthur will be sadly missed by friends and family.

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Arthur Howard Mitchell

(This is an Example Tribute)

Arthur was born on a farm 20 mins from Bathurst in NSW. Shortly after he was born his parents Tom & Judy moved the family into Bathurst to raise their family where Tom took a job with the local bank.

Arthur was an energetic young child and constantly kept his parents on their feet. Arthur took a liking to sport and participated in the junior league teams as well as participating in the local soccer competition.

Arthur did all his schooling in Bathurst starting at Bathurst Primary in 1961. It was in Primary school where he took a liking to constuction and engineering. Tom always said Arthur would grow up one day to build the family home. Which he did in 1987 when started a family with Sally.

Arthur met Sally while on a south pacific cruise with friends. The two always knew they were for eachother and it didn't take long for Sally to move down from Sydney to spend more time with Arthur.

Arthur and Sally have 3 wonderfull children. The Children have been the passion of Arthur and Sally, they were always their at school plays, sporting events and parties supporting their kids.



28 February, 1961: Started School

Arthur start at the local school

04 July, 1972: First Job

Arthur's first job was at the local saw mill where he went after school to help the owner close up the factory for the day. Arthur continued in this job till he started University.

28 February, 1974: First Car

Arthur acquired his first car not long after he turned 18. It was his pride and joy, the good old Datsun 120Y

11 November, 1977: Graduated From Uni

Arthur completed his degree in Engineering from Charles Sturt University

04 November, 1985: Wedding

Arthur and Sally have their wedding on the island of Fiji in a private ceremony with their parents in attendance.

22 May, 1987: Built First Home

Arthur finished building the family home with his father Tom. Arthur and Sally soon after moved into the house where they resided for the next 15 years.

01 September, 1989: First Child

Arthur's first born child James arrived.

01 July, 1991: Started construction Business

After many years contracting to other local construction companies, Arthur decided to start his own business, begining with just one employee Thomas who he continued to work with for the next 5 years.

20 June, 2005: Family Holiday to Gold Coast

Arthur always wanted to take the family on a big trip, and in the winter of 2005 the family jumped in the car and headed for the theme parks and beaches at the Gold Coast.

03 March, 2007: Joined Apex

As Arthur began to wind back his role in the constuction business, he took up a role with the local Apex club.