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Born April 04, 1979
Died January 22, 2008

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Heath Andrew Ledger

Heathcliff Andrew Ledger was born in 1979, Perth, Western Australia. His parents Sally Ledger and Kym Ledger named him after a character from the romantic novel 'Wuthering Heights' by Emily Bronte. Kate his dearly loved sister was also named after of the characters. When Heath was 10, his parents Sally and Kym seperated and shortly after divorced. From their parents divorce came new love, and new siblings, Ashleigh Bell and Olivia Ledger.

Heath attended Guildford Grammar School, an all-boys private school. At sixteen he left school (a year early) to pursue an acting career in Sydney with his dear friend Trevor Dicarlo. According to Heath, Sydney was the place where dreams are made.

After appearing in the television series Home and Away, Ship to Shore, Sweat and Roar, Heath moved to the United States in 1998 to pursue his career further. This decision landed him the role in Two Hands and 10 Things I hate about you. It was Heath's role in the teen comedy 10 Things I hate about you that caught the public's attension. However, no matter how much producers wanted Heath to do another teen movie he was determined to do something different and wanted to avoid the teen hunk roles. So after taking a year off, Heath accepted the role in The Patriot. From here we saw Heath star in many different roles, to avoid being typecast, these included a Monsters Ball, A Kights Tale and Ned Kelly.

Other than acting, Heath enjoyed producing and directing music videos. One of the video's Heath directed was of his close buddy Ben Harper, 'Morning Yearning'. Heath was also the co-founder of record label Music Masses Co with singer Ben Harper.

It was in the summer of 2004 on the set of Brokeback Mountain that Heath and Michelle Williams fell in love. Heath said Michelle was his soul mate and that they couldn't love each other any more than they already do. He referred the two of them as two peas in a pod. Following their engagement Michelle fell pregnant, and on the 28th of October 2005, Matilda Rose was born in New York city. Heath and Michelle choose Jake Gyllenhaal (Ledger's Brokeback co-star) and Busy Phillips (Williams' Dawson's Creek castmate).

Sadly in 2007, Heath and Michelle called off their engagement.

On the 22nd January 2008, Heath tragically passed away in his apartment from an accidental drug overdose.

In 2009 at the Golden Global awards, The Dark Knight director, Christopher Nolan accepted a Heath Ledger's Golden Globe. Sally Bell, Heath's mother had said that the Golden Globe will be given to his young Matilda, as it was such a fantastic and wonderful legacy for Heath to leave her.


04 April, 1979: Born

Heathcliff Andrew Ledger is born in Perth, Western Australia. The son of Sally Ledger and Kym Ledger.

10 October, 1991: First acting role

Heath's first role as an actor was in 'Peter Pan' at a local theatre company. "It took a lot of guts," he told the Washington Post. "For a 12-year-old kid, that can be damaging amongst your peers".

10 October, 1997: Television series

Heath kick starts his career in the televsion series Home and Away, Ship to Shore, Sweat and Roar.

10 October, 1998: United States welcomes Heath Ledger

In 1998, Heath moved to the United States to further his career.

10 October, 1999: First big Hollywood movie

In 1999, Heath starred alongside Julia Stiles in 10 Things I Hate About You.

01 January, 2000: The Patriot

The Patriot starring Mel Gibson and Heath Ledger hauls in $113 million. Rolling Stone declares, "The Aussie newcomer has the talent and looks to become a major star."

10 October, 2001: People Magazine

Heath was named one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People.

01 August, 2002: Naomi Watts

Heath and Naomi Watts met on the set of Ned Kelly in 2002. The two split in May 2004

01 January, 2004: Heath and Michelle

In the summer of 2004, Heath met Michelle on the set of Brokeback mountain.

10 October, 2005: Nominations

For his performance in Brokeback Mountain, Heath received a nomination for Golden Globe Best Actor in a Drama, a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actor and at 26 years of age, he was the ninth youngest nominee for a Best Actor Oscar.

28 October, 2005: Matilda is born

Matilda Rose is born in New York city, weighing in at 6lbs. 5oz. As a doting father Heath says "Matilda is adorable, and beautifully observant and wise. Michelle an I love her so much. Becoming a father exceeds all my expectations. It`s the most remarkable experience I`ve ever had - it`s marvelous."

01 April, 2007: The Dark Knight

Shooting begins on The Dark Knight, the sequel to Batman Begins, in which he plays The Joker to Christian Bale's, Batman. On the 4th November 2007, Heath tells the New York Times that his version of the Joker is a "psychopathic, mass murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy". He says he lived alone in a hotel room for a month in order to prepare for the role and that his Joker is inspired in part by Sid Vicious and A Clockwork Orange.

04 September, 2007: Heath and Michelle split

Michelle's father confirms the split of Heath and Michelle. Her father states "We've known about their troubles for a while but it's always a very difficult thing in life when these things happen. I know Heath and Michelle still care about each other deeply and are very committed to being great parents to their daughter."

22 January, 2008: Heath's tragic death

Heath accidently overdoses in his apartment. His ashes are laid beside his grandparents in Western Australia.

11 January, 2009: The 66th Golden Globe Awards

The Dark Knight director, Christopher Nolan accepted Heath Ledger's Golden Globe award for best supporting actor.